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Truelove's Global Network

Our sales network covers multiple countries and regions, ensuring that our products are easily accessible to customers worldwide. We have established strong partnerships with reputable distributors and agents who share our commitment to delivering quality products and exceptional customer service. With our extensive sales network, we can efficiently and effectively meet the needs of our customers and provide them with the best possible experience.


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The Answers to all your questions

To become a Truelove distributor, you can submit an application on our website and our team will review it. We look for distributors who share our values and are passionate about providing high-quality pet products.


Yes, we require a minimum order quantity for distributors. However, the amount varies depending on the product and region. Our team can provide you with more details.


Yes, we offer territorial protection for our sole agents to ensure that they can establish their business in a designated area without competition from other Truelove distributors.


We provide various marketing materials, including promotional videos, product images, and display stand designs, to help our distributors promote Truelove products. In addition, we also offer social media marketing and advertising support to drive traffic to your location.


Yes, we offer an annual sales bonus incentive to our distributors based on their performance. We also provide professional merchandise purchase suggestions on a quarterly or annual basis to help our distributors maximize their sales potential.


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