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Global Reach: Our Agents Span 67 Countries and Counting Equality

Truelove is proud to say that our network of agents spans 67 countries, bringing our products to pet owners all over the world. This global reach allows us to provide top-notch service and quality products to our customers no matter where they are located.

Brand Story

🐾 Introducing Truelove: Where Pet Love and Quality Collide! 🌟

In 2008, a remarkable brand called Truelove was founded by Wu Yongjin, an adventurous soul and passionate hiker. But the true essence of Truelove’s origin lies in a life-changing experience on the ancient Uyghur Trail, winding through the majestic Tian Shan Mountains. During a challenging descent from Akburak Pass to Heavenly Lake, Wu Yongjin and his faithful companion, Mountain, encountered a perilous slope covered in treacherous rocks and ice. In an unfortunate moment, Wu Yongjin lost his footing and began to tumble down the slope. Yet, in an extraordinary display of loyalty and quick thinking, Mountain leaped towards his owner, preventing a potentially fatal fall. While Wu Yongjin escaped major harm, Mountain’s paws suffered severe injuries.

Driven by love for his furry friend, Wu Yongjin sprang into action. He took off his socks and tenderly wrapped them around Mountain’s paws, offering relief from pain and discomfort. This life-altering incident ignited a spark within Wu Yongjin’s heart. He envisioned creating pet shoes that would provide utmost comfort and protection during outdoor adventures. And so, the first Truelove pet shoe was born, bearing a name that encapsulates the brand’s core values—genuine care and affection for pets.

As the years passed, Truelove expanded its product line, encompassing pet harnesses, leashes, collars, apparel, and accessories—all crafted with the same unwavering commitment to practicality, comfort, and well-being. While Mountain may have crossed the Rainbow Bridge, Wu Yongjin’s profound dedication to crafting exceptional pet products remains the driving force behind the brand. At Truelove, we firmly believe that pets are not merely animals but cherished members of the family. Our mission is to ensure that they receive the utmost care, just like any other loved one.

With Truelove, you can trust that every product is meticulously designed and crafted with unparalleled attention to detail. We understand that pets deserve the highest quality, and our devotion to their well-being shines through in every stitch and material choice. Whether you’re embarking on a thrilling outdoor adventure or enjoying a leisurely stroll, Truelove equips you and your furry companion with the confidence to explore the world together.

Join us on this extraordinary journey, where pet love and quality intertwine.


Inception and First Product Launch


Truelove is founded by Wu Yongjin, an outdoor enthusiast and clothing designer, after a hiking trip with his dog Mountain on the ancient Silk Road in Xinjiang province, China. Mountain’s injuries during the trip inspire Wu to create the first Truelove pet shoe, and the brand is born.

Inception and First Product Launch

Meeting International Standards


At Truelove, we are dedicated to providing products of the highest quality that meet international standards. We believe that our commitment to product quality reflects our core values of excellence, integrity, and customer satisfaction. We strive to exceed our customers’ expectations by continuously improving our products and services, and by maintaining rigorous quality control measures throughout our production process. Our dedication to meeting international standards is a reflection of our commitment to providing our customers with the best possible products and service.

Meeting International Standards

Innovation and Patent Portfolio Growth


Since 2010, we have been dedicated to innovation and continuously developing new products that meet the needs of our customers. Over the years, our hard work has paid off, resulting in the acquisition of 37 patents for our products. Our commitment to research and development has enabled us to stay ahead of the competition and maintain our position as a leader in the industry. We will continue to strive for innovation and growth to ensure we provide the best products and services to our customers.

Innovation and Patent Portfolio Growth

Product Line Expansion and Diversification


Truelove offers a wide range of products for pets, with a focus on dogs. Our product lines include dog harnesses, collars, leashes, shoes, apparel, pet carriers, training gear, safety gear, and accessories. Additionally, we have a selection of products designed specifically for cats under our “Kitty” category.

Product Line Expansion and Diversification

Commitment to Sustainability and First Eco-Friendly Product Launch


As a company committed to sustainability, we are proud to announce the launch of our first eco-friendly product. We recognize the importance of protecting our planet and strive to minimize our environmental impact by utilizing sustainable materials and reducing waste in our production process. Our commitment to sustainability goes beyond just our products, as we constantly seek to improve our sustainability practices throughout our entire operation. We believe that by prioritizing sustainability, we can make a positive impact on the world and create a better future for generations to come.

Commitment to Sustainability and First Eco-Friendly Product Launch

Global Expansion and Agency Network


Our brand has always been committed to expanding its presence globally and building a strong agency network. As of 2022, we have established partnerships with agents in 65 countries, enabling us to reach customers around the world with ease. Our global expansion has allowed us to share our products and values with a wider audience, while also fostering relationships with local businesses and communities. We are proud of our achievements in building a strong agency network and will continue to prioritize global growth as a key part of our brand strategy.

Global Expansion and Agency Network

Rapid Growth and Expansion

Paws Cause

Over the past few years, our brand has experienced rapid growth and expansion, fueled by our commitment to quality, innovation, and sustainability. From our humble beginnings to our current status as a global leader in the industry, we have continued to push boundaries and set new standards for excellence. As we look towards the future, we remain committed to our values and excited to see what lies ahead.

Rapid Growth and Expansion
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