Truelove Portable Pet Outing Carrier: Comfortable, Convenient, and Secure Travel Companion

Model Number: TLX5171

Experience Convenience and Comfort with Truelove Portable Pet Outing Carrier – Your Perfect Travel Companion for Small Pets!

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Introducing the Truelove Pet Outing Carrier: Your Ultimate Portable Companion for Convenient and Secure Pet Travel. This versatile carrier is designed with your pet’s comfort and safety in mind. It features a mesh side panel for easy entry and interaction, ensuring you can connect with your pet anytime, anywhere. The carrier includes an additional small bag for storing treats and accessories, keeping everything organized during your outings. With an anti-escape hook and buckles, your pet stays securely inside, while the soft sherpa bed provides a cozy space for relaxation. The carrier is comfortable to carry by hand or over the shoulder, offering convenience on the go. Suitable for cats up to 10 lbs and dogs up to 7 lbs, the Truelove Pet Outing Carrier ensures a comfortable and enjoyable travel experience for your furry friend.

About the item

  • Ventilation and convenience entry: The carrier features a mesh side panel that can be easily opened, allowing for convenient entry and interaction with your pet. Stay connected with your furry companion anytime, anywhere.
  • Additional small bag: Keep your pet’s essentials organized with the included small bag. Store treats, poop bags, and other small accessories, ensuring you have everything you need during your outings.
  • Anti-escape hook: Rest assured that your pet is secure inside the carrier. The Truelove Pet Outing Carrier is equipped with an anti-escape hook and buckles, preventing your pet from accidentally escaping. The soft sherpa bed inside provides a cozy and comfortable space for your pet to relax during the journey.
  • Comfortable and easy to use: The carrier is designed for your convenience. Carry it by hand or over the shoulder, making it effortless to transport your pet wherever you go.
  • Suitable for cats up to 10 lbs and dogs up to 7 lbs: The Truelove Pet Outing Carrier is designed to accommodate small pets. It provides a safe and cozy space for cats weighing up to 10 lbs and dogs weighing up to 7 lbs.

Additional information


Black/Tobacco Brown, Lily White/Tobacco Brown, Oil Yellow/Colony Blue, Smoky Grape/Aspen Green

Size Chart

Care Instruction

  • Hand wash
  • Mild detergent
  • Air dry

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