Truelove Adventure-Ready Pet Carrier with Extra Pockets

Model Number:TLX2071

The Truelove Pet Outdoor Travel Backpack is a versatile carrier designed for pet comfort and owner convenience. Featuring optimal ventilation, a detachable cozy fleece bed, and secure safety mechanisms, it’s the epitome of hassle-free pet travel.

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Meet the Truelove Pet Outdoor Travel Backpack – the ultimate travel companion for your furry friend. Expertly designed for flexibility, this carrier effortlessly transitions from a shoulder bag to a suitcase attachment, ensuring you and your pet travel in style. Boasting a four-sided mesh design, it offers unparalleled ventilation, keeping your pet comfortable and curious about their surroundings. Inside, a detachable fleece bed ensures coziness during transit, while an integrated storage pocket keeps essentials at hand. For added peace of mind, the built-in escape-proof snap hook and strap guarantees that your pet remains safe and secure on every journey.

About the item

  • Versatility in Carriage: Not only can you wear it as a shoulder bag, but its design also allows for easy attachment to a suitcase, facilitating smoother travel transitions.
  • 360-Degree Mesh Panels: Ensures consistent airflow from every angle, reducing stress for pets and allowing them an unobstructed view of their surroundings.
  • Removable Fleece Bed: Designed to provide a soft and familiar space for pets, ensuring they feel secure even in new environments. Plus, the bed’s machine-washable nature ensures hygiene and ease of maintenance.
  • User-Centric Additions: Thoughtfully included to house water bottles, treats, or toys. Perfect for long waits at the airport or sudden hydration needs during road trips.
  • Secure Snap Hook and Strap: A built-in safety mechanism that ensures your pet remains safely inside the bag, preventing unexpected escapes and ensuring peace of mind.



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Blue, Gray, Pink

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